Suggestions on Home Textiles for the Bed
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15 June 2022

Suggestions on Home Textiles for the Bed

Suggestions on Home Textiles for the Bed

Walking into a tidy bedroom is an indescribable feeling of peace, isn't it?

Who doesn't love to open up and lie in a tidy, comfortable bed after a stressful or tiring day at work?

A good night's sleep is the remedy for almost everything. It is during the time we sleep that our body and mind recover.

Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons that can lead to a disturbed night's sleep. Now we will focus on a few that are easily adopted and that can help us get a quality night's sleep, such as:

  • Sleep in comfortable clothes;
  • Remove distractions from the bedroom, such as television and cell phone;
  • Take a warm bath before going to bed;
  • Drink a warm drink, tea, or milk;
  • Eat light foods in the evening;
  • Put any worries away from your mind at bedtime;
  • Replace electronic devices with reading or family time.

These are just a few of the habits you can adopt that will help you get a more relaxing night's sleep.

Now, let's explore the topic where we are experts "How can bedding affect the quality of my sleep?".

If you think that choosing bedding is not important and that any product will do, because after all they are just "for sleeping" disabuse you. Choosing the right bedding is crucial for you to get a quality night's sleep. After all, we spend much of our lives sleeping.

At Seeds Concept we prioritize the quality of the raw material of our products. We work with 100% organic cotton, satin and we have recently launched our first linen range.

The sheets and all the other items for the bed must take into consideration the season of the year.

There are fabrics and products that are more suitable for hot or cold temperatures. In summer, we recommend using linen bedding because it is a cooler material and suitable for nights when it is warmer. It is a breathable and quick drying fabric. Find out more about this product in our article.

We recommend satin bedding for the whole year. Satin is not a raw material, but a weaving technique. Want to know more about this technique? Read our article.

At Seeds Concept the products are made from organic cotton. The cotton bed linens give a greater comfort and are suitable for all year round. Its quality is determined by the number of threads that the textile has. The higher the number of threads, the softer and more pleasant the product will be to the touch. In Seeds Concept we make the products in cotton satin with 400 threads, in order to provide a greater comfort to who uses our product.

In addition to considering the raw material of our sheets, we must take into consideration the use of a quilt in the summer/spring and a comforter in the fall/winter. We can't help but consider personal taste in this factor. Above all, we should sleep comfortable and while some people love to sleep with lots of clothes on and in the quilt, there are those who prefer to sleep cooler.

Another factor that can influence the quality of sleep is choosing the wrong size of bedding for the size of mattress/bed we have. No one likes to sleep in a bed where the sheets are always bunching up and getting folds in the bed, right? This may seem like an irrelevant factor, but it's enough to keep you from getting the maximum comfort that is so necessary for a good night's sleep. Read our size guide article and make sure that before you buy your next sheets, you know exactly what size you need.

Follow our recommendations for a more restful and peaceful night's sleep.

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