The organization of a house influences the relationship of those who live in it
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24 February 2022

The organization of a house influences the relationship of those who live in it

The organization of a house influences the relationship of those who live in it
Home is, generally, synonymous of shelter, protection, and is a place to relax and dream. It is our "safe space”.

Nowadays, all the free moments we have to enjoy our own company, read a book, enjoy our family, are considered a luxury! It is necessary to rethink homes and make the best use of them.

When someone is attracted to a given environment, this will be a reflex of the set of elements and objects that make up that same space. Therefore, the colors, the decoration, the furniture, the mixture of textures, and much more, are factors that affect the human perception of a given space. The emotional charge and the memory of moments well spent will also have a great impact on the sentimental value that each place has.

Sharing a home with someone, regardless of whether they are a partner or not, is a challenge.
We are talking about people with different tastes, habits, and values sharing the same space, with different perspectives and goals that need to be aligned. In this stage, dialogue and planning will be essential.

One of the most common problems when a couple decides to move in together is that one of the partners is more disorganized than the other. Unfortunately, a disorganized home, besides not being appealing to the eye, can cause multiple disorders, as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Did you know that besides these disorders, a cluttered home, in more extreme cases, can lead to physical diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and respiratory allergies?

Nowadays, couples seek to have practicality and comfort inside their homes. In the moment they have to choose furniture, bedding, decoration objects, they have access to a lot of information, which will increase the buying decision, taking more hours to choose the items for the house.

Who has never spent a day thinking about the moment when they get to their bed and hug their partner?

The couple's bedroom is one of the places where they will spend the most time together. The pieces and elements of this room must transmit comfort, security, and durability in order to provide the couple a moment of intimacy and complicity. For the room to convey all this, at the time of purchase, the couple should consider better fabrics for the bedding, furniture, and simple decoration, but above all, these factors should always please both elements of the couple.

It is essential that a home is comfortable and welcoming to all who share it! In this way, the couple will have more time to enjoy their space and their relationship.

The organization makes the house more practical to use, and cleanliness makes the environment healthier. Both contribute positively to the physical and emotional health of the couple or all those who share a home.

We share some important tips when organizing the house:

1. The Importance of Constant Dialogue
In a life together, it is important to know how to listen to each other and understand that we are constantly changing and adapting. It's hard to get everything right the first time, so it is essential to know how to manage expectations and be honest with your partner, sharing what you like best in the relationship and in your home, but also what you like least.

Only this way we will be able to build a safer and healthier environment.

2. Division of Tasks
The importance of communicating and being honest will lead us to this moment. In any relationship, there are going to be assignments and compromises on both sides. Task management in a household is not easy and seems like a list that often has no end.

Making a list with all the tasks and then assigning the task to the element that best performs it can be a solution. Keeping in mind that there must be equity in face of the quantity of tasks and that they must be rotated.

3. Creating Habits
After dividing up the tasks and knowing what each person is responsible for doing, it is important to make organizing and cleaning a habit.

On the one hand, if we repeat the same tasks for several days in a row, their execution becomes more effective and automatic, taking less time to complete them.

On the other hand, if cleaning and organizing the house is a daily habit, it will be easier than waiting until the weekend to do everything at once. The more work we accumulate, the harder it will be to accomplish that goal or task, the lazier we will become, which will lead to greater frustration.

4. Making our home a safe haven
Day-to-day life at work, housework, and bills to pay can often be challenging. It is important to make our home a healthy and safe place to share life, making it the most "desirable" place after a tiring and stressful day at work.

Creating small positive actions in the relationship, such as watching a movie, having a sincere conversation, sharing a hobby, will contribute to a healthier and longer lasting relationship.

5. Golden rule: less is more
Environments that are too cluttered and with too many misaligned goals will unconsciously affect our mood, making us more anxious and discouraged. The accumulation of these feelings will negatively affect any relationship.

It is advisable to regularly discard everything that is of no use or no longer makes sense in the person's daily life. This will help the couple's emotional organization and focus on what is really important.

Whether it's family, friends, or your better half, being around the people you love most is healthy and enriching. The time we share with them, whether it's watching a movie on the cozy couch or eating a barbecue at the garden table, are moments that are good for the mind and for well-being.

However, to feel comfortable to invite someone into our home and share any of these moments, we usually have to feel that the house is tidy and exactly the way we like it.

We need to bring more moments of love and happiness into our home! Each person should look for what they like best, adapting it within their home.

Sharing a life together will then be the sum of all the moments lived together, the good ones and the not so good ones, and all the goals and details that are important to us, in order to make that space, "our home".

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