our roots

31 January 2022

our roots

our roots
Seeds Concept is a family business that believes in sustainability and the power of artisans. Our mission is to provide essentials for the home that are high quality, but also functional and sustainable. Our focus is on producing the softest, highest quality bedding with organic cotton fabric by the hands of artisans.

According to the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal (ATP) and data declared by the National Statistics Institute (INE), in cumulative terms, from January to October 2021, exports of home textiles and other made-up textile articles amounted to 723 million euros, having evolved 20.7% compared to the same period in 2019.

In these two years, the products that recorded the highest growth in exports were bed, table, toilet or kitchen linen, with an increase of almost 95 million euros, representing an increase of +23%. The countries with the highest percentage of Portuguese imports are France and the USA, with an increase of almost 83 million euros (+15%) and more 75 million euros (+26%), respectively.

These figures reinforce the potential of Portuguese products and the constant appreciation of the made in Portugal seal. It is no news that a product "made in Portugal" is a symbol of quality and excellence. The care in handling the pieces and the use of the best raw materials result in a final product of increased quality and increasingly demanded by consumers. Seeds' clients are no exception. The search for quality materials for the production of home textiles in the American market led us to create Seeds and bring to you carefully crafted pieces, able to capture the attention of the most attentive eyes and to provide unique moments of sharing and love, whether reading a book wrapped in a blanket on a rainy day or having breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning.

The origin of the name Seeds has as inspiration the cotton seed, essential raw material of all our items. Translating the word into English means seeds, and besides doing justice to the abstract we use so much, we believe that with Seeds Concept we are leaving our "seed" in the world. On one hand, we want to make a positive impact for a better world, through our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. On the other hand, we want this to be just the beginning (the seed) of a timeless brand, becoming a quality reference in the home textiles sector and, by doing so, maintain and root the Portuguese roots and our craftsmen.

Seeds Concept was born from a passion for home textiles, the desire to create comfortable collections that provide a good night's sleep and that are visually pleasing. A requirement that we do not dispense is sustainability or preservation of the environment. We choose more sustainable raw materials, processes, and suppliers.

Because of our commitment to quality, Seeds Concept is proud to be certified by the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, one of the world's best known labels for textiles. This is a certificate that indicates that all products are tested for harmful substances, which represents greater confidence for the customer and high product safety, indicating that the product is harmless to human health.

At Seeds Concept's factory in Santo Tirso, Portugal, is where the journey begins: we develop, produce, and ship the items to your home without intermediaries.

For the production of the articles, the first step is to choose the design or pattern of the article, converting it to the Jacquard process. This weaving method was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, which is composed of a machine attached to a loom that controls minute movements in the weaving process quickly and efficiently, making the designs and colors used more elaborate. Jacquard fabric is characterized mainly by the complexity with which it is made, since its textures are made with the mold of the thread itself. It is also considered a considerably resistant fabric, since the interlacing of the threads is done in a position that resists the effects of the action of time.

Converting the design to work on our looms is the most automated part of the entire article process. Our looms, through the weft and warp threads, produce the fabric. This produces various rolls of fabric with different patterns and textures. Later, we use the rolls to create the famous pieces that we all know. The cutting is done manually, where we mark and cut piece by piece.

At this point, we send the piece to the dye house, where we give it the color and texture/relief that are already characteristic of the pieces. Being an outsourced service, we are careful to choose brands that have the same sustainable values as Seeds.

Back in doors, the piece is ready for making, final sewing, and labeling. Finally, we carefully pack the products inside each fabric bag and it is ready to go to meet our customers.

The Seeds Concept is based on three fundamental values that are always present: retribution, sustainability and craftsmanship. The commitment to support social causes, to give back what we receive, the constant concern with the environment and the continuous investment in qualified labor and quality raw materials are factors that are already part of the brand identity and that we embrace daily.

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