Linen is back in fashion!
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12 May 2022

Linen is back in fashion!

Linen is back in fashion!

Linen is the oldest plant fabric in history, and is associated with luxury and wealth, yet it is among the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world.




Linen is composed of natural fibers and is one of the most sustainable fabrics, being about 7 times more environmentally friendly than cotton.


But what makes linen so sustainable? To produce linen fabric, only the best fibers are used. Its production does not require the use of chemicals and generates almost zero waste of material during the making of the yarn, since all the parts that are not used for other industries, such as paper and cosmetics, are used. In this way, it ensures that all parts of the plant are used, and its cultivation is renewable, not impoverishing or rendering useless the soil where it is planted.



The linen production process includes planting, harvesting, drying, where the plant is transformed into straw, ripping, where the stem is separated from the seeds, and finally, the process of thread production.


This last process, in turn, includes the extraction of the "filašas", the maceration, a new drying process, the scutching, the baking, and, at the end, the manufacture of the fabric.

Did you also know that there are different types of linen?


There are three types of linen, divided according to their use:


  1. Flax extracted from the seed - Used in the production of flaxseed oil.

  2. Flax fiber or flax for threshing - Used to obtain textile fibers

  3. Cross flax - Used for fibers and oil


Textile linen production is concentrated centrally in Europe and Russia. In Europe, flax fibers are produced in Poland, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Kochi in India.


Due to the durability and strength of this fabric, flax yarns are used in a variety of products such as bedding, upholstery fabrics, kitchen cloths, curtains and clothing.



Linen is known to be a "crumpled" fabric!

The purer the linen, the more crumpled the fabric will be, a characteristic that is now valued and gives some charm to all linen products.


Linen is now being made with polyester, cotton, aloe vera, silk, and wool, which make the fabric less "wrinkled" and softer. However, these fabrications do not guarantee all the characteristics of pure linen.


Main Advantages of using this fabric:

  •  Light texture and comfort due to natural fibers that make the fabric breathe well
  •   Stylish and casual look
  • Quick drying
  •   High durability
  •   Antiallergic and antibacterial
  • Resistant to moths and carpet beetles
  • Dirt and stain resistant
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Ideal for warm temperatures because it is a light fabric


The durability and sustainability of this fabric were determining factors that made Seeds Concept surrender to this thread and launch its latest line of bedding made of 100% natural linen fabric. Find the new collection here.

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