3 steps to choose the pillows for the living room

20 July 2022

3 steps to choose the pillows for the living room

3 steps to choose the pillows for the living room
Pillows: A quick and affordable way to personalize your space

At Seeds Concept we believe that pillows can really bring a space to life and brighten anyone's mood.

Who has never hugged and entered a pillow fight? Their functions are endless, you just have to be creative. 

If you want to know more about how to use pillows to bring life to your room you can learn more here, but if your goal is to decorate your living room and use pillows to your advantage, this is your place.

Living Room Pillows

The living room is probably one of the most used rooms in the house, so its decoration can make a total difference in the environment and the way we feel.

Pillows are a quick and affordable way to change the decor of your living room and give life to the sofa, making the space more pleasant and cozy.

Our purpose is to help you make your living room decoration more beautiful and personalized.


The first step is to think about what the main need of your space is.

You should think about the needs of your home, what you like to decorate, how much time you will dedicate, and what the purpose of this space is. Do you want a moment of relaxation reading a book? Do you want it to be more inviting for friends and family? Do you want it to be ideal for watching soccer games? 

Then you should first think about how you are going to invest your time in that room.


The second step is to think about the quantity and characteristics of the pillows, adapted to our space.

You can choose between large and small sofa pillows, different colors and textures that will influence the way you feel in the space. The main suggestion we have for you is to choose the pillows according to the style you want for the space and your personal taste. 


It is important to think about the size of the pillows to choose, since if they are too large for the sofa it will end up causing some discomfort and will not contribute to the pleasing decor of the space.

Large pillows for the sofa may be more comfortable and attractive. However, they may not look as good in every space or if the sofa is small. 

The size of the pillows should be chosen taking into consideration the size of the backrest of the sofa. For larger sofas, we have more freedom in combining the pillows. It is, for example, a good option to bet on varied sizes of pillows, to modify the decor and give a personal touch.


Thinking about the ideal number of sofa pillows is crucial. 

There is no number we can recommend because it will always depend on the size of the space and the sofa itself, but you should consider the quantity so as not to overload it.

If you have too many pillows, it will make the room look heavier, and it may even look cluttered. 

If you like to have many pillows with different textures and colors, we advise you to buy medium and small sizes so as not to give the feeling of clutter. If you prefer larger pillows, take into account that you leave half of the sofa free, which will give you the feeling of a lighter and more balanced space.


The choice of colors and patterns is another factor that will directly affect the decoration of the environment. Here, as with the other elements, it is essential to think about your personal taste and what is most comfortable for you.

You should take into consideration the colors of the other elements in the room: furniture, sofa, paintings, among others. 

If you have a sofa with stronger and brighter colors, such as yellow, we advise you to choose cushions with more neutral tones. It is also aesthetically pleasing to use elements of the same color but with different shades and textures.

If you have a sofa with more neutral colors, you have two options: you can combine it with pillows also in neutral colors or with more vibrant colors and prints, as both can be very well combined. 

In this way, you should think about the style of decoration you want for your space. If you like to experiment and be more daring you can buy pillows with a mixture of patterns or prints.


The different fabrics for sofa cushions are an extra touch to personalize the space and make it even more "ours". 

The cushions can be made of fabrics such as leather, cotton, linen, velvet, among others.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing the fabric, so you can choose to use the same or a similar fabric as the sofa, or combine different materials.

We advise you to use your decorative sofa cushions with different fabrics to stand out in the decoration.


Add a blanket to your sofa!

They are undoubtedly a multi-purpose product. They're perfect for watching a movie with your partner or kids in the warm comfort of a blanket, for serving as a base on the floor while you play a family game, among others.

Take into consideration the size, color and texture you want to give to your space and add this element to give an even more comfortable look to the space.

With these tips you can make your living room decor bring more comfort and personality to the room, making it inviting for friends and family and allowing you to relax when needed.

If you are tired or feel like changing your decoration? You already know, just buy new pillow covers to bring a fresh look to the space.

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