How to use pillows to decorate your room
Interior design

30 June 2022

How to use pillows to decorate your room

How to use pillows to decorate your room

We want to help you, to make your space, even more yours! 

We strongly believe that there are two types of people: those who love pillow-filled beds and those who don't.

At Seeds Concept, we believe that pillows are a great decorative element to combine and bring life to a space. We can use them with a duvet cover and combine them with the rest of the decoration, giving a modern and elegant look.


Bedding Pillows

For your bed, we recommend that you use a different pillowcase for your sleeping pillows and those of the duvet cover or coverlet.

It only has advantages: 

  • By having different colors and fabrics, you'll give the room an interesting contrast

  • You can wash them more frequently than comforter or quilt pillow covers without worrying about the long-term wear and tear of the piece

Don't know where to put them? We help you.

We advocate that it is not necessary to have a space in the closet to store them during the day, although it is also a valid option. 

But since we like beds with different pillows and patterns, we prefer them to be directly exposed on the bed. In this way, the sleeping pillows are the ones that should be placed next to the headboard, or next to the wall in the absence of a headboard.

To make their exposure more premium and aesthetically pleasing, the second row of pillows should be larger ones, preferably rectangular or square. This second layer is the one that should contain the same or identical cover as the duvet cover or coverlet.

Now for pillow lovers, it is more than possible to add an extra row. This row should contain smaller sized pillows, with different shades, fabrics or textures, but that match the others. 

Depending on your personal taste, you can be more creative in choosing the colors, fabrics, sizes and textures of the pillows. And the patterns, they are also within this possible selection!

Will we stop there? 

Those who really love pillows, sometimes even add an extra pillow in the middle. This extra pillow will take center stage in the bed, so it's usually chosen to have a more personal touch. It can use the same patterns as the previous ones, or be a pillow with some special shape, such as a heart.

With these suggestions you can make your home textiles take center stage in your bedroom decor. With the pillow covers, you make your space come alive and gain personality. 



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