Washing and care suggestions for my textiles
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17 August 2022

Washing and care suggestions for my textiles

Washing and care suggestions for my textiles

Doing the laundry can be a tricky task, especially for those who are new to this business. It may not be your favorite household chore, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare!

We will share with you several suggestions and precautions to take when doing the laundry in order to make this task simpler and easier to accomplish.

At Seeds Concept we value durability, softness and comfort of our products as fundamental factors of the brand. Both are directly related to the quality of the fabric and raw material used in their confection and, in turn, the production method.

We aim to provide products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and sustainable. Our production process is mostly manual and with organic cotton fabric, which leads to the production of softer bedding, translating into greater comfort for our customers. The same is applied to our bath towels and robes.

We believe in slow fashion and work daily to contribute to the reduction of excessive mass consumption and to promote the responsible purchase of durable fabrics, and for that, it is essential to ensure the quality of the products so that they last longer. However, besides the moment of confection when the product is indoors, it is very important to consider how the product will be handled throughout its life.

The moment of washing is sometimes one of the phases in which textiles suffer from excessive "aggressions" that affect their durability, often ending up losing their main characteristics or becoming damaged.

Before washing time we advise you to organize your laundry, namely:

  • Make the correct separation of the clothes by color: create groups of white pieces, light-colored pieces and pieces with darker tones and, if necessary, separate the dark pieces by those that fade and those that do not fade;

  • Separate the clothes according to the level of soiling, as this factor will influence the type of program that should be selected in the washing machine;

  • Separate the more delicate garments that will require a hand wash;

  • Separate the clothes by type of fabric, light or heavy. Face towels and bath towels, for example, should be washed separately, as well as bed linen, such as sheets and pillowcases, as they require different types of programs.

Other factors that can influence the washability of your products

Detergents Used

We always recommend using sustainable or biodegradable detergents. Detergents that contain bleach or bleaching elements should be avoided, especially in the case of darker items, as they may damage the color of the item.

We should also take into consideration the amount of detergent used, so as not to waste resources, either excess detergent or water, since the more detergent we put in the machine, the more water will be needed to complete the wash.

Program Selection

The moment of choosing which program to select for doing the laundry can always be a headache. However, we advise avoiding high rotations. 

For our items we advise washing up to 30 degrees in the machine with medium spin cycles of 400 to 600 or 800 as a maximum. By using lower rpm levels, ironing will be easier since the laundry will be less wrinkled.


We recommend the traditional method of drying: air drying. When you take the clothes out of the machine, they should be shaken/shaken before hanging them out, so they will be less wrinkled. 

However, for those who prefer to use the washing machine, we advise the use of low temperatures (less than 60 when possible).

Viewing Labels

Viewing the labels on clothes to know whether or not they can (or cannot) be machine washed, and which products are allowed in that wash, is a big help in avoiding mistakes and damaging garments.

This content gives you the tools you need to make doing the laundry no longer a headache. Share with us if this household chore is now easier to accomplish.

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