Sustainability is no longer a trend
organic cotton

23 March 2022

Sustainability is no longer a trend

Sustainability is no longer a trend

Sustainability is the economic development model that seeks to meet the needs of today's society without compromising the future of the next generations.

It focuses on improving the standard of living of the population while ensuring the preservation of the environment and natural resources, through principles of ecological balance in economic and industrial activities.

Currently, it is seen as a major issue in society, but also a concern for brands and businesses. More and more, the different stakeholders, including consumers, are interested in knowing the production process of companies and how they assume the commitment to sustainability in their daily lives, being a key factor at the time of purchase decision.

At Seeds Concept, we strive to create products with social and environmental responsibility. We believe in slow fashion and sustainable production through our commitment to using high quality materials such as organic cotton.

The term "slow fashion" was introduced in opposition to fast fashion, the current system of mass production, which prioritizes trends, the look and the new, ignoring or hiding the environmental impact of this large-scale production. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In this way, the practice of "slow fashion" values diversity, promoting socio-environmental awareness.

We work hard to make our customers feel good about their purchase, knowing that by buying from Seeds Concepts they are also helping the environment.

Did you know that by reducing waste production and using organic cotton in our products, we can help reduce climate change?

Organic cotton, our main raw material, differs in that it is grown using a process with low impact on the environment, based on the selection of plants that are not genetically modified in any way and which use only natural processes, without the use of any type of fertilizer, pesticide, or other chemical product.

We realize that using organic cotton as an isolated act is only a small contribution to the preservation of the environment. At the same time, we believe that we help people in poorer parts of the world to have a better life and, in the long term, a brighter future. 

In addition to using high quality materials, we work daily to minimize the less positive impact on the environment at different stages of the production process through the use of low impact dyes, environmentally friendly packaging, and fair labor practices for all employees.

It is not only in internal processes that we take care to minimize this impact, but also in cases where we have to resort to external companies to develop part of the production process of our textiles, as is the case of dyeing. In this circumstance, we have the concern to look for the partner with a policy of social responsibility and sustainability.

Seeds Concept believes and defends that it is with small joint actions that we contribute to a better world and to the preservation of our planet. Our products are produced in Portugal in an ethical way, and we use companies with responsibility. Our mission is to minimize negative impacts on the environment through research and development of sustainable practices in our industry, while providing superior customer service and quality product lines at affordable prices.

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