Our Bed Tells Stories

05 July 2022

Our Bed Tells Stories

Our Bed Tells Stories

As for bonding, it is very much done at home. It is very much done within our home, our nest. 

And we believe that our room can have the coziness to welcome our child whenever she wants and even when she wants. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a child in the coziness of home, feeling loved, respected, and that feels the love and care. That they wrap themselves in a blanket or a quilt and get that little smell that is only theirs, that of our children, and that is why I think it is so important for our bed to tell stories. 

Stories of naps on a rainy day. Stories of sand after a day at the beach. Stories of warm pajamas after a bath, or stories of princesses or animals. 


It tells stories of our lives. It's a giant place for someone tiny to jump and giggle. It is the place for the "I love you too" in a baby voice that I hear as I put her to sleep. It is our place. Our story. 


And the Seeds concept came to bring even more comfort and warmth to the stories we have to live. Whether they are loud tickling laughs or the coziness after a hard day. Thank you for being part of us, thank you for the quality, the lightness and minimalism that we seek! 


Written by Caty



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