Inserts: New Seeds Concept Category

17 August 2022

Inserts: New Seeds Concept Category

Inserts: New Seeds Concept Category

Inserts is the latest collection from Seeds Concept. The three new products complement the home textiles for the bed for which the brand is already known.

We have two types of Microfiber comforter inserts and two sizes of pillow inserts available. These products maintain the quality, softness and elegance of all the brand's products. They are produced in a sustainable way, being hypoallergenic or anti-allergenic allowing usability for all skin types.

Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Microfiber duvet cover inserts are available in two weights: a lighter 150 g/m2 and a heavier 400 g/m2.

Both duvet cover inserts are made of 100% cotton satin which gives the feeling of softness when touching the skin, even when used without a cover. Both comforters have a quilted design with 40 cm frames, giving it a stylish and appealing look.

The 150 g/m2 and 400 g/m2 microfiber duvet cover inserts are produced with 300 thread count cotton satin, keeping our commitment to the environment.

The 400gr insert guarantees the necessary thermal insulation to maintain the ideal temperature on the coldest nights. It is recommended for fall and winter, usually the coldest times of the year, or for those who want to feel warm all year round.

The lighter insert, on the other hand, is recommended for the warmer nights of the year or for those who want to give their bed a simpler look with less volume. This is the best option for the warmest people and for homes or rooms with warmer temperatures.


Down Alternative Pillow

The Satin Pillows with Microfiber are available in two sizes and are also produced in 100% cotton satin and made with a bias with 2 stitching.

The medium or high pillows will allow you to sleep on your side and up, always keeping your head and neck aligned, respecting your body's anatomy and providing a quality night's sleep. 

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