Bathroom Essentials
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17 August 2022

Bathroom Essentials

 Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom may not even be your favorite part of the house, but it is undoubtedly one of the rooms you can use for more comfort and for a moment of relaxation.

At Seeds Concepts our mission is to create home textiles that are aesthetically pleasing yet environmentally friendly. With our towels and bathrobes we intend to bring the luxury of Portuguese textiles to more homes, providing moments of pure softness.

Today we will share everything you need to make your bathroom one of your favorite places in the house.

We share our list of must-haves for every bathroom. Find out if you already have all these elements or if you are missing any to make your bathroom even more functional.

Bath Towels

When it comes to bath towels...the bigger the better! Who doesn't love to wrap themselves in a big, warm blanket when they get out of a shower?

After all, there is no bathroom without towels, is there? To dry your hands, hair, or body after the shower, there are multiple functions that these can have.

At Seeds Concept, we have towels in 6 different colors and sizes to match the style of any bathroom. These towels are produced with 100% long-fiber cotton and are quick-drying, which gives greater comfort and softness the moment it touches our skin.

Experience the luxury of Portuguese Classic Bath Towels for a moment of deep relaxation.


Textile layers can do so much for a space!

Are you a fan of bath robes? Imagine yourself stepping out of the shower and putting one on, you will automatically feel more comfortable and warmer. Our robes are the perfect solution for those who want to prolong their post-bath time or simply be comfortable for a walk around the house. 

You can hang the robe or bathrobe on the back of the door to soften a space and make it feel cozy. Another option will be to fold and insert them at the foot of the bathtub.

Bath Mat

Bath mats are another essential element in any bathroom for post-bath. 

You should choose the size and color of this rug according to the colors and measurements of the bathroom. It is a great way to bring another textile layer to the space to make it more welcoming.

Storage and Decoration Stands

Brackets in the bathroom can never be too many! We will need holders in the shower or tub for shampoo and shower gel, and a container for hand gel and toothbrush in the master cabinet.

You can choose these elements according to your personal taste, but always with the colors of the bathroom palette in order to look nice and harmonious.

Depending on your taste, you can have your perfumes and creams exposed in order to give life to the space or else everything properly separated and stowed away inside the drawers.

Bath Essentials

We invest daily in new ways to contribute to the preservation of the environment, so we recommend the use of sustainable and/or biodegradable creams and shampoos.

We recommend Shaeco, a Portuguese brand that shares the same values and principles as Seeds Concept. With their solid shampoo, they have found an innovative way to produce and use shampoo that reduces the use of plastic.

One of the main difficulties in using this kind of product was transportation! Shaeco found the solution by creating the Pebble transport box, a cork box that is easy, practical and safe to transport.

Besides Pebble, they have the Seashell cork soap dish, inspired by the sea, with the focus of reminding us that opting for plastic-free packaging helps preserve nature and keep oceans cleaner.

If you like the texture of cork you can use both products to decorate your bathroom and give them a personal and elegant touch.


Give your bathroom some life with a plant! 

You should choose the right plant for your bathroom according to the characteristics of the space. Pay attention to the free space you have to choose the size of the plant, but also to the lightness/clarity and humidity in order to choose the right plant.


It must be hard to find bathrooms without mirrors these days, right? 

Mirrors are a key element in any space. In the bathroom, we make a habit of using them while we do our hair, brush our teeth, and perform our facial treatment routine, for example.

Besides the practicality of mirrors, they are also a main element of decoration in a bathroom, so you should take into consideration your personal taste and the style you want the space to have when choosing your mirror.

Which of these elements do you already use on a daily basis? Share with us if you have any other essential elements that you use in your bathroom that are not already on this list.

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